About the designer

In her own spin of the classic Stevie Wonder song My Cherie Amour, Reha Chere has taken her passion and love for fashion to create a one-of-a-kind collection through her personal brand Rhea Cherie. It was during her time in California while living with her aunt, a talented celebrity fashion designer, that her interest piqued in wanting to learn more about the industry. From the beautiful silhouettes to sketches and fabrics, Reha knew she wanted to follow the path of fashion but didn’t quite know how to do so while pursuing her initial career as a school counselor. It was at this time while working full-time in Detroit area High Schools and attending a full schedule of Law School classes in the evening that Reha valued self-care.

For Reha, her own education and job opportunities continuously led her to mentor and guide young people, and it very well became a considerable part of her life. However, her fashion dreams were never too far behind, and for Reha, the perfect time to take a step toward her long-awaited passion presented itself. 

 Without any hesitation, she made her brand official and established Rhea Cherie in the latter part of 2018. She then spent over two years conducting research of fabrics that emulated her style and were soft to the touch. It was important for Reha to focus on designs that she would personally wear and felt were not only stylish but exuded pure confidence each time they are worn. As a woman who placed an emphasis on mental health and spirituality, she knew her brand had to embody those aspects as well.

In 2020, when COVID19 shocked everyone’s life, she decided to launch with the hopes of women taking time for themselves during this historic time. As the world became more complicated and unexpected, she believes there is nothing more vital than taking care of yourself. Rhea Cherie promotes self-care practices, as well as encourages women to seek their worth and happiness through activities that relax them and help feed their peace. Reha is committed to growing her brand and sharing her dreams in hopes of cultivating an inclusive community where fashion and self-care come together to empower women of all walks of life.

Woman wearing Rhea Cherie sleep shirt while standing in kitchen looking at cookbook