About Us

We get it. Life gets busy. The days are long, tiresome, and hectic. You put so much time into work, family, friends, and goals before you know it time has passed, you’re exhausted, and the work still isn’t complete. 

Rhea Cherie was created in November 2018 for busy women who understand the need to carve out time for themselves and the importance of prioritizing a lifestyle that fosters healthy mental and physical well-being.

Rhea Cherie understands that self-care comes in many forms. Wearing Rhea Cherie luxury loungewear elevates all self-care activities, puts you at ease, and allows you to relax and recharge in style.

Rhea Cherie is the perfect companion for your self-care activities:

  • Do you enjoy cuddling up with a good book? 
  • Binge watching your favorite show? 
  • Taking a long hot eucalyptus bath?
  • Meditating and practicing yoga?

If this is the lifestyle you imagine and deserve, then the Rhea Cherie collection should be an essential part of your self-care.

Rhea Cherie wearing the modern sleep shirt while laying on the bed